Student Planner Campus & IT Handbook

Sections Available for Download:

General Information
(Frequently Used Numbers, Bearcat Traditions, Safety First, Getting Around Campus, Maps, Non-Academic Counseling & Support Services, Campus Services, Get Involved! Organizations and Activities)

Additional Individual Sections:
  Safety First!
  Frequently Used Numbers
  Getting Around Campus (Maps)

IT Handbook
(Services at a Glance, Security Basics and Virus Information, Social Media Safety, Peer-To-Peer (P2P) File Sharing, Blackboard Learning System, SafeConnect, Securewireless)

Additional Individual Sections:
  SafeConnect for Vista & Windows 7
  SafeConnect for Windows XP
  SafeConnect for MAC
Securewireless for Windows 7
Securewireless for Vista
  Configuring Securewireless for Windows XP
Securewireless Macintosh
Securewireless for Linux (Not Available)

Student Handbook
(Academic & Financial Information, Policies and Procedures, Student Code of Conduct)

Downloading .pdf Files

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Graduate Student Information
The Campus and IT Handbook is generally helpful for both undergraduate and graduate students. However, the information currently in the Campus Handbook regarding Academic Information is for undergraduate students. Graduate students should follow the Graduate School link above.

The Graduate Handbook can be found online at: