Automated Attendant

Automated Attendant is a speech directory assistance service that allows the caller to say the name of a person or department and be connected without the intervention of a human operator.

Using the System:

To access the Automated Attendant, simply dial "0" from a campus phone or 556-6000 from an off campus phone.

You will hear a standard greeting and will be asked to say "one" for a department search or "two" for a names search. In either case, should you respond incorrectly and need a different search, the next prompt will give you the opportunity to say "name search" or "department search" to access the correct search function.

If the system finds a match, you will be transferred. You may be asked to confirm what the system has found prior to transferring.

If there is more than one person or department reference with the same name, you will be given options. The Automated Attendant will try several times to find a match. If a match is not found, you will be connected to the campus operator.


Search for a Department:

Automated Attendant: Welcome to the University of Cincinnati. For a department or college directory say "one." For a names directory say "two."

Caller: One

Automated Attendant: Say the department you wish to reach. To search for a student or an employee say name search.

Caller: One Stop

Automated Attendant: Transferring to One Stop

Call is completed. If the system does not understand the caller, it will respond with "repeat the department name."

Search for a Person:

Automated Attendant: Welcome to the University of Cincinnati. Say the department you wish to reach.
To search for a person, say "name search."

Caller: Two

Automated Attendant:  Say the first and last name of the person you want to reach. Or, to search for a department, say department search.

Caller: (first name) (last name)

Automated Attendant: Transferring to (first name) (last name)

Call is completed. If the system does not understand, it will respond with "Spell the last name."

Note: In either search, the Automated Attendant may verify your request by repeating the match it has found by stating "Are you looking for (first name last name or department name)." If this is correct say "Yes." If it is not correct say "No." In this case the Automated Attendant will ask you to repeat your request. If a match is still not found, the Automated Attendant may ask you to spell your request. If a match is still not found, you will be transferred to the campus operator.

Automated Attendant Best Practices:

1. Speak naturally and avoid using extra words such as "please" "could I speak to", etc.
2. Please speak at your normal volume and at a normal pace. The technology is less effective when speaking at a high level or speaking abnormally slow.
3. Try to avoid using your speakerphone due to background noise. Cell phones are supported but have the same challenges.
4. Automated Attendant emulates the conversation you might have with an operator, so if the system does not understand what you've asked on the first try, it will ask some additional questions such as "repeat the last name," or "spell the last name."
5. If you are asked to spell, spell naturally. Do not qualify the letters such as "B as in boy," just spell the name naturally. Don't worry if you misspell the name.

Please contact Directory Services...

  • if you've been connected to the wrong number;
  • if your name is mispronounced;
  • or if you have any questions concerning the Automated Attendant

by phone at 556-1917 or by sending an email to Directory.Services@UC.Edu.

If your phone number is incorrect:

Faculty/Staff: Update your listing with Directory Services
Students: Update your listing at the Registrar’s website.