Emergency Text Messaging

As part of a comprehensive effort to inform our community of any emergencies that might arise on campus, the University of Cincinnati offers an emergency text messaging service. This service is a partnership between UC Public Safety and UCIT.

All cell-phone numbers provided to the university will be subscribed to the University of Cincinnati emergency text-message system. In the event of a campus emergency, UC Public Safety will send a text message to all faculty, staff and students who have not specifically declined to accept such messages by opting out of this service through OneStop and Directory Services:

UC Public Safety will use the system at their discretion if there is an imminent threat to the safety and security of the campus community or to announce a weather-related university closing. For example, text-messages would strongly direct you to take immediate action to avoid injury from a natural disaster; tornado, blizzard, or chemical spill. In the event of an active shooting that targets a person without provocation on or around campus, an emergency text-message would be sent to the entire campus community. Alerts regarding a criminal act off campus would not be subject to an emergency text message, however, a timely warning as described by the Jeanne Clery Act may be distributed over various Campus Safety communications platforms.

Although the university offers the ability to opt-out of receiving emergency messages, UC Public Safety recommends that you do not opt out. In an emergency, accurate and up-to-date information may be critical to your safety and security. We will use this emergency text-message system only when necessary.

The university will test the system occasionally to determine if it is working properly, but you will not receive non-emergency or advertising messages. UC will not sell your information. The user is responsible for any charges from their phone carrier.