Emergency Text Messaging/Safety Notifications

UC students, faculty and staff are auto-enrolled in Rave Alert via the Catalyst and UC Directory systems.
Those outside of the university, including parents of current students, can sign up per the directions below.


Faculty and Staff may sign up for or decline emergency text message notifications by using the "Review your listing" menu option or here:https://ucdirectory.uc.edu/updates/clslogin.asp

Students are automatically enrolled in emergency notifications when they add their cell phone number to the personal information in Catalyst. If you are not receiving emergency notifications, please check to make sure that you added your cell phone number to your account, and that it is correct. Students may review and update, by changing address information here: https://www.catalyst.uc.edu

Outside the university, visit Rave's website and click "register."


More information, UC Public Safety: https://www.uc.edu/about/publicsafety/emergencymanagement/advisories.html